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Information for build rpkg-macros-2.0-3.fc37

Package Namerpkg-macros
SummarySet of preproc macros for rpkg utility
DescriptionSet of preproc macros to be used by rpkg utility. They are designed to dynamically generate certain parts of rpm spec files. You can use those macros also without rpkg by: $ cat <file_with_the_macros> | preproc -s /usr/lib/rpkg.macros.d/all.bash -e INPUT_PATH=<file_with_the_macros> INPUT_PATH env variable is passed to preproc to inform macros about the input file location. The variable is used to derive INPUT_DIR_PATH variable which rpkg macros use. If neither INPUT_PATH nor INPUT_DIR_PATH are specified, INPUT_PATH will stay empty and INPUT_DIR_PATH will default to '.' (the current working directory). Another option to experiment with the macros is to source /usr/lib/rpkg.macros.d/all.bash into your bash environment Then you can directly invoke the macros on your command-line as bash functions. See content in /usr/lib/rpkg.macros.d to discover available macros. Please, see man rpkg-macros for more information.
Built byliuyang
State complete
StartedSat, 03 Dec 2022 11:24:07 CST
CompletedSat, 03 Dec 2022 11:50:42 CST
Taskbuild (f37, /rpms/rpkg-macros.git:bb9ffb40dbd1eadba97c1c829899121bb82dc44e)
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Changelog * Fri Jan 21 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.0-3 - Rebuilt for * Fri Jul 23 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.0-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jan 18 2021 clime <> 2.0-1 - derive GIT_ROOT and other git properties from the INPUT_DIR_PATH directory - INPUT_DIR_PATH, if not specified, is derived from INPUT_PATH * Mon Nov 30 2020 clime <> 1.1-1 - add trick in pack_sources to allow creating the archive in CWD * Mon Oct 05 2020 clime <> 1.0-1 - fix version check in git_pack - rpm-git-tag-sort is also required during build for tests - add man pages for rpkg-macros, redirect there from MACRO REFERENCE in man rpkg - fix parameter order for rpm-git-tag-sort in git_merged_tag_refs - fix version parsing from the latest tag, package name may contain dashes! - implement support for multiple Sources at once - use rpm-git-tag-sort for tag sorting & filtering in git_merged_tag_refs submodules - fix git_head for detached head state - in git_bumped_version, lead must be numeric and greater than zero to output follow as zero + small code tweak in git_version_generic - remove now unused git_bumped_release, set "" as default for lead in git_bumped_version - make lead="" the only special case, otherwise lead is lead - unify code and params for git_release and git_version - code cleanup * Tue Mar 10 2020 clime <> 0.4-1 - remove shebangs in library files according to Fedora review - changes according to review - usage of %{_prefix} in spec, g-w for pack_sources - use git-core on Fedoras * Fri Mar 06 2020 clime <> 0.3-1 - fix warning about unset git indetity in test_submodule_sources - skip test for submodule_sources on epel6 - add missing sleep in tests, add TODO - fix changelog renderring for legacy git as there is no points-at option - resolve problem in git_pack and submodules for epel7 * Wed Mar 04 2020 clime <> 0.2-1 - fix bug on centos7 bash in is_physical_subpath function * Wed Mar 04 2020 clime <> 0.1-1 - initial release