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Package Nameelfutils
SummaryA collection of utilities and DSOs to handle ELF files and DWARF data
Description Elfutils is a collection of utilities, including stack (to show backtraces), nm (for listing symbols from object files), size (for listing the section sizes of an object or archive file), strip (for discarding symbols), readelf (to see the raw ELF file structures), elflint (to check for well-formed ELF files) and elfcompress (to compress or decompress ELF sections). Also included are helper libraries which implement DWARF, ELF, and machine-specific ELF handling and process introspection. It also provides a DSO which allows reading and writing ELF files on a high level. Third party programs depend on this package to read internals of ELF files. Yama sysctl setting to enable default attach scope settings enabling programs to use ptrace attach, access to /proc/PID/{mem,personality,stack,syscall}, and the syscalls process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev which are used for interprocess services, communication and introspection (like synchronisation, signaling, debugging, tracing and profiling) of processes.
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StartedSat, 18 Sep 2021 02:15:34 CST
CompletedSat, 18 Sep 2021 03:04:58 CST
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Changelog * Sat Jun 05 2021 wangchen <> - 0.182-2 - Type:bugfix - ID:NA - SUG:NA - DESC:add gcc-c++ to BuildRequires * Tue Jan 26 2021 yang_zhuang_zhuang <> - 0.182-1 - Type:enhancement - ID:NA - SUG:NA - DESC:update version to 0.182 * Wed Jul 29 2020 yang_zhuang_zhuang <> - 0.180-1 - Type:enhancement - ID:NA - SUG:NA - DESC:update version to 0.180 * Thu Oct 10 2019 Yalong Guan <> - 0.177-3 - Type: Reorganization - ID:NA - SUG:NA - DESC: move license files to license folder.