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Package Nameteem
SummaryLibraries for processing and visualizing scientific raster data
DescriptionWhat Is Teem? Teem is a coordinated group of libraries for representing, processing, and visualizing scientific raster data. Teem includes command-line tools that permit the library functions to be quickly applied to files and streams, without having to write any code. The most important and useful libraries in Teem are: • Nrrd (and the unu command-line tool on top of it) supports a range of operations for transforming N-dimensional raster data (resample, crop, slice, project, histogram, etc.), as well as the NRRD file format for storing arrays and their meta-information. • Gage: fast convolution-based measurements at arbitrary point locations in volume datasets (scalar, vector, tensor, etc.) • Mite: a multi-threaded ray-casting volume render with transfer functions based on any quantity Gage can measure • Ten: for estimating, processing, and visualizing diffusion tensor fields, including fiber tractography methods. Strengths of Teem • Teem works: Its purpose is to enable research in visualization and image processing, and research is enabled when simple things are simple to do. Teem’s functionality and its ease of use have allowed it to become a component of larger research software projects, such as SCIRun and 3D Slicer. • Teem is light-weight: The libraries are written with an eye towards minimizing the annoyance of getting data in an out, by using the simplest possible constructs for the job, and by supporting combinations of operations that arise in common practice. • Teem is coherent: There is a consistent logic to how information is represented, and uniformity in the APIs across libraries. • Teem is portable: All the code is written in plain ANSI C, so it compiles everywhere, including Windows, using either CMake or GNU Make. A Dashboard is used to monitor compiler errors and warnings. • Teem is growing: Some Teem libraries were created years ago and have remained stable, but new libraries and new functionality are continually being added. • Teem is open source: Anyone can use it, and contributions are welcome. Teem is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, plus exceptions which facilitate linking Teem into binary-only applications. The teem package contains the command-line tools included with Teem.
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