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Package Namepackit
SummaryA tool for integrating upstream projects with Fedora operating system
DescriptionThis project provides tooling and automation to integrate upstream open source projects into Fedora operating system.
Built byhezhengyu
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StartedTue, 21 Nov 2023 10:23:06 CST
CompletedTue, 21 Nov 2023 10:48:53 CST
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Changelog * Mon Nov 20 2023 Packit <> - 0.86.2-1 - Packit _0.86.1_ was not released on PyPI due to an internal bug, it should be fixed in this release. * Mon Oct 30 2023 Packit <> - 0.85.0-1 - Packit no longer downloads sources excluded using spec file conditions. (#2132) * Fri Oct 06 2023 Packit <> - 0.83.0-1 - We have fixed an issue that prevented automated allowlisting in the Packit Service. (#2113) - Packit now also detects resolved bugs in the default update notes (created from changelog diff) and assigns these when submitting the Bodhi updates. (#2111) - Packit now exports `PACKIT_UPSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME`, `PACKIT_DOWNSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME` and `PACKIT_CONFIG_PACKAGE_NAME` also in the `changelog_entry` action. (#2103) * Fri Sep 29 2023 Packit <> - 0.82.0-1 - You can now specify bugs resolved by an update by `-b` or `--resolve-bug` option for `propose-downstream` and `pull-from-upstream` commands. The values will be added by default to the changelog and commit message and provided in `commit-message` and `changelog-entry` actions as `PACKIT_RESOLVED_BUGS` env variable. (#2094) - Resolves rhbz#2240355 * Sat Sep 23 2023 Packit <> - 0.81.0-1 - Packit now supports the `pkg_tool` option in the config (at the top-level or with specific packages when using the monorepo syntax). This option can be used for switching between `fedpkg` or `centpkg`. (#2085) - When updating the `Version` tag during `propose_downstream` or `pull_from_upstream`, Packit now tries to update referenced macros (if any) rather than overwriting the references. (#2087) - If you have concerns about Packit uploading new archives to lookaside cache before creating a pull request, you can newly set `upload_sources` to False to disable this. (#2086) - We have fixed a bug that could cause duplicit PRs to be created when using the `commit-message` action. (#2080) - Packit now supports `commit-message` action that can be used to override the default commit message produced by Packit during `propose-downstream` or `pull-from-upstream`. Please pay attention to our [documentation]( with regards to the usage of this action. (#2070) * Fri Sep 08 2023 Packit <> - 0.80.0-1 - Packit CLI now provides a new command `pull-from-upstream`, offering the same functionality as `propose-downstream` but suited for usage from the dist-git repository with Packit configuration placed there. This was primarily added to help reproduce the behaviour of the service's [pull_from_upstream job]( (#2063) - Packit now exposes `PACKIT_PACKAGE_NAME`, `PACKIT_UPSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME` and `PACKIT_DOWNSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME` environment variables to all actions. (#2061) - We have fixed a bug in `packit source-git init` caused by changed behaviour in a newer version of rpmbuild. (#2048) * Mon Aug 07 2023 Packit <> - 0.78.2-1 - Packit's license in RPM specfile is now confirmed to be SPDX compatible. (#2026) - `source-git init --ignore-missing-autosetup` help was improved to be less confusing. (#2016) (#2017) * Tue Aug 01 2023 Packit <> - 0.78.1-1 - Temporarily disabled test dependencies on Fedora Rawhide because of missing `python3-deepdiff`. (#2008) * Thu Jul 20 2023 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.77.0-2 - Rebuilt for * Sat Jun 17 2023 Packit <> - 0.77.0-1 - Packit now includes dist-git branch in the title of the PRs for `propose-downstream` and `pull-from-upstream`. (#1996) - We have fixed an issue with `files_to_sync` filters not being applied properly. (#1977) * Fri May 26 2023 Packit <> - 0.76.0-1 - Unsuccessful Image Builder requests now provide error details so you can fix the Image configuration. (#1981) - Copr projects created by Packit will not follow the Fedora branching from now on. This decision has been made to lower the load on Copr from the temporary Copr projects created, mainly, for the PR builds. If you are releasing your packages to Copr, please use the new setting `follow_fedora_branching`. Already existing projects are not affected by this change and it is also not enforced with the custom Copr repositories. (#1970) * Fri Apr 28 2023 Packit <> - 0.75.0-1 - Detection of `%autorelease` usage in dist-git spec file during `propose-downstream` and `pull-from-upstream` has been improved and Packit will always preserve it. (#1949) - Changed build tool to hatchling and moved metadata to `pyproject.toml`. (PEP621) (#1913) - Respect `upstream_ref` for tags that start with "a", "b", "c", "e", "n", "r", "s". This was caused by an issue with a `branches` prefix being treated as a set of letters to remove. (#1943) - Reset `Release` field in dist-git spec file to `1` when the version in upstream spec file is not up-to-date with the release that triggered `propose_downstream`. (#1940) - Correctly catch the logs, if any of the user actions fail during the propose-downstream. (#1939) - `packit source-git` related commands can skip dist-git repos, where the git trailer is not found, when looking for the right dist-git dir where to work. (#1938) - More monorepo related fixes. (#1946, #1947, #1948) * Sun Apr 16 2023 Packit <> - 0.74.0-1 - Allow configuring tmt tests with fmf root outside of git root. (#1936) - Removed adding the "Signed-off-by" tag to commits created by Packit. (#1934) - Packit's source_git functionality installs/loads the `_packitpatch` script in a more reliable manner that doesn't rely on deprecated setuptools functionality. (#1926) * Thu Apr 06 2023 Packit <> - 0.73.0-1 - Packit now supports monorepo configuration in CLI (#1864) * Fri Mar 31 2023 Packit <> - 0.72.0-1 - Packit now preserves `autorelease` macro during `propose_downstream` and `pull_from_upstream`. (#1904) * Sat Mar 25 2023 Packit <> - 0.71.0-1 - `upstream_tag_template` is now also used when looking for the latest version tag in Git. This allows upstream repositories to mix different tag-patterns in the same repository, but consider only one to tell the latest version. (#1891) * Mon Mar 20 2023 Packit <> - 0.70.0-1 - Now packit uses the `get_current_version` action defined by the user to retrieve version before updating the specfile %setup macro (if any). (#1886) * Sun Mar 05 2023 Packit <> - 0.69.0-1 - `packit validate-config` now correctly checks glob-patterns in `files_to_sync`. (#1865) - Aliases logic was updated to account for the upcoming Fedora release (Bodhi now marks such release as `frozen`). (#1863) - Command `packit validate-config` now provides details about errors when it cannot parse the config file. (#1861) - Packit does fewer API calls when searching for the package configuration file in remote repositories. (#1846) - `--update-release`/`--no-update-release` now affects only `Release`, not `Version`. (#1857) - Packit now provides `PACKIT_PROJECT_VERSION` environment variable when running `changelog-entry` action. (#1853) * Mon Feb 20 2023 Packit <> - 0.68.0-1 - Packit now requires bodhi in version 7.0.0 at minimum. (#1844) - You can now use `--srpm` option with the `packit build locally` CLI command. (#1810) * Fri Feb 03 2023 Packit <> - 0.67.0-1 - Packit now sanitizes changelog messages in order not to break spec file parsing. (#1841) * Fri Jan 20 2023 Packit <> - 0.66.0-1 - When configuring Copr chroot (target in Packit terminology) specific configuration, make sure to specify `additional_modules` as a string containing module names separated with a comma, example: "httpd:2.4,python:4". (#1826) - Target-specific configuration for Copr builds can now be defined and Packit will set it for the appropriate Copr chroots. (#1822) - You can now specify `update_release: false` in the configuration to tell Packit not to change the `Version` and `Release` in the spec file. It works the same as `--no-update-release` (renamed from now deprecated `--no-bump`) in the CLI. (#1827) - Packit now supports setting `module_hotfixes` for Copr projects. (#1829) - All Copr projects created by Packit now default to `enable_net=False`. Our documentation stated this but it wasn't the case. This is now corrected. (#1825) * Thu Jan 19 2023 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.65.2-2 - Rebuilt for * Wed Jan 04 2023 Packit <> - 0.65.2-1 - No changes. This is a fixup release for sake of Packit deployment. * Thu Dec 22 2022 Packit <> - 0.65.1-1 - Packit now puts the correct release number into the changelog when the `Release` tag is reset during `propose-downstream`. (#1816) * Fri Dec 09 2022 Packit <> - 0.65.0-1 - Packit now correctly handles a race condition when it tries to create bodhi updates for builds that are not yet tagged properly. CLI exprience was also improved for this case. (#1803) - Packit now resets the `Release` tag during `propose-downstream` if the version is updated and the `Release` tag has not explicitly been overridden in the upstream specfile. (#1801) * Fri Dec 02 2022 Packit <> - 0.64.0-1 - `packit propose-downstream` now uploads all remote sources (those specified as URLs) and the source specified by `spec_source_id` (whether remote or not) to lookaside. Previously, only Source0 was uploaded. Source0 is no longer treated specially, but as `spec_source_id` is `Source0` by default, Source0 is still being uploaded by default unless `spec_source_id` is overriden. (#1778) * Sat Nov 12 2022 Packit <> - 0.63.1-1 - Packit now correctly finds SRPM when rpmbuild reports warnings when it parses the spec file. (#1772) - When packit.yaml is present in the repo but is empty, Packit now produces a better error message instead of an internal Python exception. (#1769) * Fri Nov 04 2022 Packit <> - 0.63.0-1 - Fixed an issue due to which the repository was never searched for a specfile if 'specfile_path' was not specified, and 'specfile_path' was always set to '<repo_name>.spec'. (#1758) - Packit is now able to generate automatic Bodhi update notes including a changelog diff since the latest stable build of a package. (#1747) * Thu Oct 27 2022 Packit <> - 0.62.0-1 - Fixed an issue with version and release being updated even if `--no-bump` flag was specified. Also fixed an issue when `None` appeared in release instead of a number. (#1753) * Fri Oct 21 2022 Packit <> - 0.61.0-1 - Packit can now correctly authenticate with Bodhi 6 and therefore create Bodhi updates. 🚀 (#1746) - Packit now requires Python 3.9 or later. (#1745) * Fri Oct 07 2022 Packit <> - 0.60.0-1 - Propose downstream job now pushes changes even when it's not creating a new pull request. This allows updating already existing pull requests. (#1725) * Fri Sep 16 2022 Packit <> - 0.59.1-1 - `packit propose-downstream` is now more informative when sources cannot be downloaded. (#1698) * Thu Aug 25 2022 Packit <> - 0.59.0-1 - Packit CLI can now submit VM images in Red Hat Image Builder. All build-related commands have now consistent `--wait`/`--no-wait` options. (#1666) - No more annoying issues will be created after a successfull propose downstream. (#1693) * Fri Aug 05 2022 Packit <> - 0.57.0-1 - BREAKING CHANGE: fixed an issue where the repo was searched for the specfile before checking if 'downstream_package_name' is set, and '<downstream_package_name>.spec' can be used as the 'specfile_path'. (#1663) * Thu Jul 28 2022 Packit <> - 0.56.0-1 - Packit can now build RPMs in mock. For more information see (#1662) - Packit now provides a more helpful error message when it hits a known issue while creating a Bodhi update: fedora-infra/bodhi#4660 (#1660) - Packit now correctly supports `tmt_plan` and `tf_post_install_script` in the configuration. (#1659) - RPM build commands of Packit CLI have been merged into one build subcommand, for more information see the updated documentation at We have also introduced a new `--srpm` option to the new build subcommand that can be used to trigger local, Copr or Koji build from an already built SRPM rather than the one implicitly created by Packit. (#1611) * Fri Jul 22 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.55.0-2 - Rebuilt for * Thu Jul 14 2022 Packit <> - 0.55.0-1 - Packit can now correctly create bodhi updates using the new Bodhi 6 client. (#1651) * Wed Jun 29 2022 Packit <> - 0.54.0-1 - Packit Bash completion file is no longer needlessly executable. (#1634) - Transition to Bodhi's new authentication mechanism is now fully complete. (#1635) * Wed Jun 22 2022 Packit <> - 0.53.0-1 - Packit now works with Bodhi 5 and Bodhi 6 authentication mechanism. (#1629) - Git ref name that Packit works with during `propose-downstream` is now made more obvious in logs. (#1626) - Packit now correctly handles creation of custom archives in root while a specfile is in a subdirectory. (#1622) - Creation of a Bodhi update will not timeout anymore as Packit is now using a more efficient way of obtaining the latest build in a release. (#1612) * Tue Jun 21 2022 Python Maint <> - 0.52.1-2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.11 * Wed Jun 08 2022 Packit <> - 0.52.1-1 - Fixed a regression where string values for the `targets` and `dist_git_branches` configuration keys were not accepted. (#1608) * Thu May 26 2022 Packit <> - 0.52.0-1 - Packit will not raise exceptions anymore when creating an SRPM with dangling symlinks. (#1592) - `packit validate-config` now checks the paths in the package config (path of the specfile, paths of the files to be synced) relative to the project path (#1596) - The name of the temporary branch in `_packitpatch` was normalized which fixed applying the patches during `packit source-git init` (#1593) * Fri May 13 2022 Packit <> - 0.51.0-1 - We have decided to deprecate `metadata` section for job configurations. All metadata-specific configuration values can be placed on the same level as the job definition. For now we are in a backward-compatible period, please move your settings from the `metadata` section. (#1569) - Packit now correctly removes patches during `packit source-git init` when the preamble does not contain blank lines. (#1582) - `packit source-git` commands learnt to replace Git-trailers in commit messages if they already exist. (#1577) - Packit now supports `--release-suffix` parameter in all of the related CLI commands. Also we have added a support for the `release_suffix` option from configuration to the CLI. With regards to that we have introduced a new CLI switch `--default-release-suffix` that allows you to override the configuration option to Packit-generated default option that ensures correct NVR ordering of the RPMs. (#1586) * Thu May 05 2022 Packit <> - 0.50.0-1 - When initializing source-git repos, the author of downstream commits created from patch files which are not in a git-am format is set to the original author of the patch-file in dist-git, instead of using the locally configured Git author. (#1575) - Packit now supports `release_suffix` configuration option that allows you to override the long release string provided by Packit that is used to ensure correct ordering and uniqueness of RPMs built in Copr. (#1568) - From the security perspective, we have to decided to disable the `create_pr` option for our service, from now on Packit will unconditionally create PRs when running `propose-downstream`. We have also updated the `propose-downstream` CLI such that it is possible to use `create_pr` from configuration or override it via `--pr`/`--no-pr` options. (#1563) - The `source-git update-*` commands now check whether the target repository is pristine and in case not raise an error. (#1562) * Wed Apr 13 2022 Packit <> - 0.49.0-1 - A new configuration option `downstream_branch_name` has been added, which is meant to be used in source-git projects and allow users to customize the name of the branch in dist-git which corresponds to the current source-git branch. (#1555) - Introduced two new build and test target aliases: `fedora-latest-stable` resolves to the latest stable Fedora Linux release, while `fedora-branched` resolves to all branched releases (all Fedora Linux release, except `rawhide`). (#1546) - When using `post_upstream_clone` to generate your spec-file, Packit now correctly checkouts the release before the action is run. (#1542) * Wed Mar 30 2022 Packit <> - 0.48.0-1 - `packit source-git update-dist-git` and `packit source-git update-source-git` now check the synchronization of source-git and dist-git repositories prior to doing the update. If the update can't be done, for example, because the histories have diverged, the command provides instructions on how to synchronize the repositories. A `--force` option is available to try to update the destination repository anyway. - Downstream synchronization of the Packit configuration file (aka `packit.yaml`) should be fixed. (#1532) - Packit will no longer error out when trying to create a new Copr repository when it is already present (caused by a race condition). (#1527) - Interactions with Bodhi should be now more reliable when creating Bodhi updates. (#1528) * Thu Mar 17 2022 Packit Service <> - 0.47.1-1 - When using Packit CLI for creating Bodhi updates, you can now set `fas_username` and `fas_password` in your Packit user config to not be asked about that when the command is executed. (#1517) * Tue Mar 08 2022 Packit Service <> - 0.47.0-1 - When specfile is being generated, and both `specfile_path` and `downstream_package_name` are not set, Packit now correctly resolves this situation and sets `specfile_path` to the name of the upstream repo suffixed with ".spec". (#1499) - We are now building SRPMs for Packit's own PRs in Copr. For more info see #1490 and (#1490) - All source-git-commands were updated to append a `From-source-git-commit` or `From-dist-git-commit` Git-trailer to the commit messages they create in dist-git or source-git, in order to save the hash of the commits from which these commits were created. This information is going to be used to tell whether a source-git repository is in sync with the corresponding dist-git repository. (#1488) - Spec file and configuration file are no more automatically added to the list of files to sync when the `new files_to_sync` option is used. The old `synced_files` option is deprecated. (#1483) - We have added a new configuration option for Copr builds `enable_net` that allows you to disable network access during Copr builds. It is also complemented by `--enable-net/--disable-net` CLI options if you use Packit locally. (#1504) * Wed Feb 16 2022 Packit Service <> - 0.46.0-1 - Synchronization of default files can now be disabled using a new config `files_to_sync`. Key `sync_files` is now deprecated. (#1483) - Packit now correctly handles colons in git trailer values in source-git commits. (#1478) - Fedora 36 was added to the static list of `fedora-` aliases. (#1480) * Fri Feb 04 2022 Packit Service <> - 0.45.0-1 - A new `packit source-git update-source-git` command has been introduced for taking new changes from dist-git (specified by a revision range) to source-git. These may include any changes except source code, patches and `Version` tag changes in the spec file. ([packit#1456]( - There's a new configuration option `create_sync_note` that allows you to disable creating of README by packit in downstream. ([packit#1465]( - A new option `--no-require-autosetup` for `source-git init` command has been introduced. Please note that source-git repositories not using ` %setup -q ` may not be properly initialized. ([packit#1470]( * Thu Jan 20 2022 Packit Service <> - 0.44.0-1 - Packit now correctly finds the release, even if you don't use the version as the title of the release on GitHub. ([packit#1437]( - Local branches are now named as `pr/{pr_id}` when checking out a PR, even when it's not being merged with the target branch. This results in the NVR of the build containing `pr{pr_id}` instead of `pr.changes{pr_id}`. ([packit#1445]( - A bug which caused ignoring the `--no-bump` and `--release-suffix` options when creating an SRPMs from source-git repositories has been fixed. Packit also doesn't touch the `Release` field in the specfile unless it needs to be changed (the macros are not expanded that way when not necessary). ([packit#1452]( - When checking if directories hold a Git-tree, Packit now also allows `.git` to be a file with a `gitdir` reference, not only a directory. ([packit#1458]( * Wed Dec 08 2021 Packit Service <> - 0.43.0-1 - A new `packit prepare-sources` command has been implemented for preparing sources for an SRPM build using the content of an upstream repository. ([packit#1424]( - Packit now visibly informs about an ongoing cloning process to remove potential confusion. ([packit#1431]( - The `upstream_package_name` config option is now checked for illegal characters and an error is thrown if it contains them. ([packit#1434]( * Thu Nov 25 2021 Packit Service <> - 0.42.0-1 - Running `post-upstream-clone` action in `propose-downstream` command was fixed. This solves the issue for projects that generate the specfile during this action. - New config option `env` has been added for specifying environment variables used for running tests in the Testing Farm.