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Information for build anaconda-37.12.6-1.0.fc37

Package Nameanaconda
SummaryGraphical system installer
DescriptionThe anaconda package is a metapackage for the Anaconda installer.
Built byliuyang
State complete
StartedMon, 30 Jan 2023 23:00:31 CST
CompletedTue, 31 Jan 2023 00:07:59 CST
Taskbuild (f37-build-side-32-misc-devel, /fedora-riscv/anaconda.git:66f6bb76f08c317387264c1694e95cc2543ebdcc)
Extra{'source': {'original_url': 'git+https://github.com/fedora-riscv/anaconda.git#66f6bb76f08c317387264c1694e95cc2543ebdcc'}}
anaconda-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.src.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-core-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-dracut-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-gui-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-install-env-deps-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-install-img-deps-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-live-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-tui-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-devel-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-core-debuginfo-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-debuginfo-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-debugsource-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-dracut-debuginfo-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-debuginfo-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-devel-debuginfo-37.12.6-1.0.fc37.riscv64.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Mon Jan 30 2023 Liu Yang <Yang.Liu.sn@gmail.com> - 37.12.6-1.0 - Rebuild with python3.11 on riscv64. * Wed Oct 05 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.12.6-1 - Don't check installation targets if bootloader devices are not set (#2131183) (vponcova) * Mon Sep 19 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.12.5-1 - Add back waiting for geolocation (vslavik) - Add wait_for_task() to wait for a Task with timeout (vslavik) - Timezone spoke will not show timezone borders anymore (#2103657) (jkonecny) * Tue Sep 13 2022 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 37.12.4-1 - Verify a biosboot partition on all installation targets (vponcova) - Define the install_targets property for all bootloader classes (vponcova) - Test the InstallerStorage.copy method (vponcova) - Show multiple bootloader devices on the Manual Partitioning screen (vponcova) - Implement the Root.copy method (vponcova) - Redefine the Blivet.roots attribute (vponcova) - Redefine the Blivet.copy method (vponcova) * Wed Sep 07 2022 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 37.12.3-1 - Run yelp under liveuser with the right environment (vslavik) * Tue Sep 06 2022 Adam Williamson <awilliam@redhat.com> - 37.12.2-2 - Backport PR #4317 to fix running yelp on KDE etc (#2124097) * Thu Sep 01 2022 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 37.12.2-1 - Run yelp under liveuser if possible (vslavik) * Mon Aug 15 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.12.1-1 - Adjust configuration options for Fedora 37 (mkolman) - Remove release builds from CI status page (#docs) (vslavik) - Update the tests for the SELinux configuration (vponcova) - Add release notes for RPMOSTree /sysroot mount as 'ro' (jkonecny) - Documented required space always including swap (ozobal) - Remove the DeprecatedSection class (vponcova) - Remove the sensitive info logger (vponcova) - Remove the _repos_lock property of the DNF payload class (vponcova) - Remove the function get_locale_timezones (vponcova) - Remove the THREAD_GEOLOCATION_REFRESH constant (vponcova) - Add release notes for f37 vslavik PRs (#docs) (vslavik) - Do not provide the anaconda-live subpackage on RHEL (vslavik) - Add release note for no more copying /etc/resolv.conf (rvykydal) - Add release note for rootpw --allow-ssh option (rvykydal) - Fix growing installation size requirement (ozobal) - Add a release note for the `inst.disklabel` boot option (vponcova) - Add unit tests for the initialization of the default disk label type (vponcova) - Prefer GPT instead of legacy MBR (vponcova) - Support the `inst.disklabel` boot option (vponcova) - Skip Kickstart version tests on RHEL (ozobal) - Add unit tests for errors raised by the `ZFCPDiscoverTask` task (vponcova) - rpm-ostree: Setup readonly sysroot for ostree & rw karg (#2086489) (tim) - Document the Dependabot status (vponcova) - Initialize empty disks on the Manual Partitioning screen (vponcova) - Revert "Temporarily ignore the new version of the zfcp command" (jstodola) - Revert "Ignore also ZFCPData temporarily" (jstodola) - Allow to omit WWPN and LUN for NPIV-enabled zFCP devices (jstodola) - Reduce the width of the zFCP dialog (jstodola) * Tue Aug 02 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.12-1 - Web UI: Replace a newly translated string in tests (vponcova) - Communicate media verification result clearly (vslavik) - Fix: check that the password contains the username (songmingliang) - Fixed required space check always including swap (ozobal) - Hide the keyboard layout indicator in the passphrase dialog (#2070823) (vponcova) - Call the check_duplicate_repo_names function (vponcova) - Call the validate_repo_name function (vponcova) - Call the get_unique_repo_name function (vponcova) - Simplify the condition for the `disk_space` parameter in `suggest_swap_size` (vponcova) - Remove the `quiet` parameter of the `suggest_swap_size` function (vponcova) - Test the `suggest_swap_size` function (vponcova) - Web UI: Don't wait for animations in the pixel tests (vponcova) - Web UI: Show a context help about storage options (vponcova) - Silence pylint warnings about crypt module (vslavik) - Ignore no-member pylint detections on gi.repository (vslavik) - Revert "Disable Pylint" (vslavik) - bootloader/base.py: enable resume on arm64 (mihai.carabas) - Disable kexec on RISC-V (imbearchild) - simplify TestValues enum creation and usage (ethan) - Disable Pylint (vslavik) - Fix unit tests for python 3.11 (vslavik) - Change the Python version to 3.11 in the makeupdates script (rvykydal) - bootloader: do not consider non-ibft iscsi disk as usable for bootloader (rvykydal) - Revert "Temporarily keep setter methods for Initial Setup" (vponcova) - Revert "Temporarily keep setter methods for the Kdump add-on" (vponcova) - Change default swap size for large-memory systems (pablomh) * Wed Jul 20 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 37.11-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_37_Mass_Rebuild * Mon Jun 27 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.11-1 - anaconda-modprobe: don't try and load cramfs (awilliam) - module-setup.sh: Don't ignore errors, unbound variable and pipe fails (miro) - Don't attempt to add frozen python modules to initramfs (miro) - Fix kickstart command order in new version (vslavik) - Ignore also ZFCPData temporarily (vslavik) - Temporarily ignore the new version of the zfcp command (vponcova) - Web UI: Fix betanag popover position (mkolman) - Web UI: Make it possible to close the disks alert (mkolman) - tests: update the order of commands (rootpw) in generated kickstart (rvykydal) - webui: Disable "Next" button if no disks are selected (mkolman) - dnf: apply the /etc/dnf/dnf.conf configuration file in the installer (rvykydal) - kstests on pr: run in separate anaconda directory (rvykydal) - Web UI: Show the "Checking disks" spinner for at least two seconds (vponcova) - Web UI: Show the "Checking disks" spinner (vponcova) - kstest on pr: use Permian GitHub ReportSender to show results (rvykydal) - Web UI: Vertically grow the wizard page (vponcova) - Web UI: Hide the footer if the wizard page is in progress (vponcova) - Web UI: Add the sleep function (vponcova) - Web UI: Remove the getSteps function (vponcova) - Web UI: Remove the wrapWithContext function (vponcova) - Add Circle Linux profile to Anaconda (bella) - Web UI: Don't try to replicate installation flags (vponcova) - Web UI: Remove an unused context from the wizard (vponcova) - Update pixel test reference image. (mkolman) - fix type (48353898+copperii) - Display keyboard accelerator properly (jstodola) - Revert "Temporarily keep setter methods for the OSCAP add-on" (vponcova) - Remove missing kickstart command for root ssh password login from common issues (rvykydal) - GUI: Show the dialog for a missing passphrase in an enlight box (vponcova) - GUI: Ask for a missing passphrase during automated installations (vponcova) - Create functions for a missing passphrase in pyanaconda.ui.lib (vponcova) - Add support for rootpw --allow-ssh (rvykydal) - Enable bootloader hiding on RHEL (rharwood) * Tue Jun 21 2022 Adam Williamson <awilliam@redhat.com> - 37.10-3 - Backport PR #4207 to fix initramfs generation for Python 3.11 * Mon Jun 13 2022 Python Maint <python-maint@redhat.com> - 37.10-2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.11 * Mon Jun 06 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.10-1 - Web UI: Don't use a top-level text content (vponcova) - Update common bugs for F35 resolv.conf issue (rvykydal) - Check if run as root earlier (#1935470) (luke) - kstests on PR: adapt to tclib renamig to tplib (rvykydal) - Add 'eln-baseos' to the DEFAULT_REPOS (sgallagh) - Web UI: Jump only to the previous wizard steps (vponcova) - Always tear down devices after finding existing installations (vponcova) - Update reference images (vslavik) - Change kstest workflow badge and link for Permian (#docs) (vslavik) - Fix tests README.rst how to run one unit test (jkonecny) - kstests on PR: Use stable permian branch (rvykydal) - Don't fall back to default timezone in welcome spoke (vslavik) - Use directly URLs in conf geoloc provider field (vslavik) - Remove unmodularized geolocation (vslavik) - Use modularized geolocation instead of unmodularized (vslavik) - Hide the geolocation task in Timezone's interface (vslavik) - Add GeolocationTask to the Timezone module (vslavik) - Add a D-Bus structure for geolocation data (vslavik) - Add conf option for geolocation provider (vslavik) - Run FixZIPLBootloader task after FIPS setup (rvykydal) - webui: Make app/page span the whole viewport (vslavik) - Web UI: Automatically change the popover position (vponcova) - webui: Add inline alert to the Storage screen (mkolman) - Web UI: Always allow to sort disks by their name (vponcova) - Web UI: Improve the table for local standard disks (vponcova) - Add missing period when concatenating password error strings (#2075419) (jkonecny) - Prepare release notes for Fedora 36 (vponcova) - Add tooltip to the Insights checkbox (#2069178) (jkonecny) - Enable bootloader hiding on RHEL (rharwood) * Tue May 24 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.9-1 - Use the IsRootAccountLocked property (vponcova) - Web UI: Fix strings (vponcova) * Mon May 23 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.8-1 - Web UI: Add the Language label on the Welcome page (vponcova) - Specify that we want the Adwaita icon theme (awilliam) - Web UI: Fix the style of paragraphs (vponcova) - Web UI: Fix header styles in the Review screen (vponcova) - Web UI: Inform users about the required space and the partitioning method (vponcova) - Round the required device size up (vponcova) - tests: Use MD instead of LVM to test available RAID levels (vtrefny) - webui: Show installation status text on progress screen (mkolman) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - webui: Wait longer for installation to fail (mkolman) - webui: Add a Quit confirmation dialog (mkolman) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - Don't use Cockpit style overrides (vponcova) - Web UI: Reset the bootloader drive before we schedule partitions (vponcova) - webui: tests: Streamline working with dbus language setting (zveleba) - Make check for geolocation start a standalone helper (vslavik) - Split Timezone module tests for tasks to new file (vslavik) - Move the default source type on DBus (vponcova) - Temporarily keep setter methods for Initial Setup (vponcova) - Temporarily keep setter methods for the OSCAP add-on (vponcova) - Temporarily keep setter methods for the Kdump add-on (vponcova) - Use DBus read-write properties (vponcova) - Simplify the implementation for the DBus interface for Users module (vponcova) - Install rdma-core if infiniband network device is found (rvykydal) * Thu May 19 2022 Adam Williamson <awilliam@redhat.com> - 37.7-2 - Backport PR #4125 to fix icon theme problems on KDE * Mon May 09 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.7-1 - Remove the is_repo_enabled method (vponcova) - Fix too long lines in the Network spoke (vponcova) - Rename the checkmount argument (vponcova) - Rename the onlyOnChange argument (vponcova) - Run an installation task to close the DNF base (vponcova) - Close the DNF base during the reset (vponcova) - Move isIsoImage to the Payloads module (vponcova) - Move find_first_iso_image to the Payloads module (vponcova) - Move helper functions for HDISO sources to pyanaconda.ui.lib (vponcova) - Keep Timezone proxy in Welcome spoke (vslavik) - Split starting locales in welcome spoke to a helper (vslavik) - Rename constant to reflect its usage (vslavik) - makeupdates: Don't be silent about copying anaconda.py (vslavik) - Remove the get_mount_points function (vponcova) - Remove PayloadError (vponcova) - Remove PayloadInstallError (vponcova) - Remove PayloadSetupError (vponcova) - (build-deps): Update misc. npm packages (vslavik) - (build-deps): Update chrome-remote-interface npm package (vslavik) - (build-deps): Update sass npm packages (vslavik) - (build-deps): Update patternfly npm packages (vslavik) - (build-deps): Update eslint npm packages (vslavik) - (build-deps): Update webpack and plugin npm packages (vslavik) - (deps-dev): Update babel npm packages (vslavik) - Add the UpdatesEnabled DBus property (vponcova) - webui: tests: Add cleanup to TestLanguage to make it non-destructive (zveleba) - webui: tests: Change handling of steps and hide selectors in methods (zveleba) - Remove the _configure method (vponcova) - webui: Document how to fix failing pixel tests (mkolman) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - Remove the unused _set_repo_enabled method (vponcova) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - Don't continue if there is no valid base source to use (vponcova) - Clean up the code that includes additional repositories (vponcova) - Split the code for the installation source spoke (vponcova) - Remove ancient file (vslavik) - Convert additional space checkbox to use child label (vslavik) - Indent everything on root spoke by 4px (vslavik) - Set correct focused widget for root spoke (vslavik) - Add eslint as an unit test for webui (vslavik) - Run eslint only in dev builds or when requested (vslavik) - Run restorecon in chroot when handling home dirs (vslavik) - Move restorecon calls in Tasks to a helper function (vslavik) - Add Virtuozzo Linux profile to Anaconda, Resolves: rhbz#2067195 (dsilakov) - webui: Don't check SSH key in command from VM script (vslavik) * Mon Apr 25 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.6-1 - Map Anaconda exceptions to org.fedoraproject.Anaconda.Error (vponcova) - Use our error mapper only for the Anaconda message bus (vponcova) - Clean up the code that adds a base repository (vponcova) - Remove dependency on eslint-plugin-standard (vslavik) - webui - Fix pixel test failure due to string being translated (mkolman) - Call join_paths to create an absolute path (vponcova) - Document why the DNF transaction runs in a sub-process (vponcova) - Correct message when ignoring hibernation flag (jblz) - Clean up the code that reloads the treeinfo metadata (vponcova) - Don't add treeinfo repositories to DNF twice (vponcova) - Clean up the code for removal of treeinfo repositories (vponcova) - Clean up the code that generates treeinfo repositories (vponcova) - Distinguish URLs from paths in the treeinfo support (vponcova) - Improve logic of the keyboard spoke completed method (jkonecny) - webui: tests: Add function for checking pre-release information (zveleba) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - webui: tests: Make it easier to reset partitioning (zveleba) - webui: tests: increase abstraction of changing pages in the wizard (zveleba) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - webui: Update READMEs (mmarusak) - Don't unnecessarily use cat and use grep -E (oguz) * Tue Apr 12 2022 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 37.5-1 - Fix keyboard spoke issue if Live system changed keyboard layouts (#2072941) (jkonecny) - webui: tests: update reference image for the languate test (kkoukiou) - webui: fix typo in progress page (oguz) - webui: Update pixel test reference (mkolman) - webui: use className for customizing CSS not an ID (kkoukiou) - webui: be more specific in the custom CSS selectors for the progress stepper (kkoukiou) - webui: remove unused custom CSS for the progress bar component (kkoukiou) - webui: show all installation logs in a LogViewer component (kkoukiou) - webui: Use ProgressStepper on the installation progress screen (mkolman) - webui: update welcome page title text (kkoukiou) - webui: improve documentation and add makefile target for updating reference images (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: make sure TestReview cleans up its changes (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: extend storage test to validate the disk table rows content (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: add a test for backend language being initially not english (kkoukiou) - webui: add a basic check that the webui strings get translated (kkoukiou) - webui: fix case where the default language is not english (kkoukiou) - webui: set modules locale for translating messages from the backend (kkoukiou) - webui: Also filter languages by English names (mmarusak) - Don't set LC_ALL for live installations (vponcova) - Don't set the global domain to `anaconda` (vponcova) - webui: Support other rsync targets (martin) - webui: tests: Wait for UI initialization in Installer.open() (martin) - webui: tests: Simplify check-basic (martin) - webui: fix typo in the review configuration disk table (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: ignore the labels (PF4 Labels) when pixel testing (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: introduce some pixel tests (kkoukiou) - Don't log the output of journalctl -b (vponcova) - webui: tests: add missing machine_class to the check-language (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: use the prefixes of the ids from variables (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: ignore test/images symlink needed for the tests (kkoukiou) - webui: standardize the naming of the ids and classNames (kkoukiou) - webui: bring some order to the react components folder (kkoukiou) - Fix unit tests of the treeinfo support (vponcova) - Rename the `path` property of the TreeInfoRepoMetadata class (vponcova) - Log info about loaded .treeinfo files (vponcova) - Use the origin to handle system repositories (vponcova) - Add the `origin` attribute to the repo configuration data (vponcova) - webui: setup pixel tests submodule (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: add teardown cleanup resetting the language to english (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: standardize test file names by removing -installation- substring (kkoukiou) - webui: port review screen confirmation from checkbox to modal dialog (kkoukiou) - Bump Cockpit version of testlib to 266 (vslavik) - webui: default language should be fetched from anaconda backend (kkoukiou) - webui: add support for disabling Next button if form is invalid (kkoukiou) - webui: pass translated string for 'No results found' text (kkoukiou) - webui: move language setting of cookies and backend (kkoukiou) - webui: menuAppendTo can be a property of Select component from Patternfly (kkoukiou) - webui: remove undefined property from InstallationLanguage component (kkoukiou) - webui: create helpers for language conversion from and to cockpit lang cookie (kkoukiou) - webui: set language also in backend when selecting a new language (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: use id instead of contains: for the Quit button test selector (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: add a test for the Quit button (kkoukiou) - webui: if the file is empty don't try to parse it (kkoukiou) - webui: adjust error message to make it unique and matching the actual problem (kkoukiou) - webui: remove unused parameter from conf.js helper function (kkoukiou) - webui: parsing the files for the initialization can be done in parallel (kkoukiou) - webui: fix 'Reboot' and 'Quit' button callbacks (kkoukiou) - webui: Make it possible to go back to language selection screen (mkolman) - webui: Add Review screen implementation (mkolman) - webui: add support for re-scanning disks (kkoukiou) - webui: Add API for selected disks access (mkolman) - webui: Add API for target system language access (mkolman) - webui: add title and icon to the empty-state component in the installation progress (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: create some helper test classes (kkoukiou) - Mark error message for missing usable disks for partitioning as translatable (kkoukiou) - Don't re-enable repositories (vponcova) - Use the disabled_repositories configuration option (vponcova) - Add the get_matching_repositories method (vponcova) - Manage the system repositories with DNF manager (vponcova) - Remove the _reset_configuration method of the DNF payload class (vponcova) - webui: show empty state loading variant if the API is still fetching data (kkoukiou) - webui: storage: if more than 10 disks are present change the table to compact (kkoukiou) - webui: storage: only show sortable columns if more than one disks exist (kkoukiou) - webui: allow passing different label for the wizard nav item and the step title (kkoukiou) - webui: rephrase the welcome screen label for the language selector (kkoukiou) - Add Release Notes for keyboard configuration split on Live (#2016613) (jkonecny) - Enable fingerprint authentication using enable-feature (#2069899) (vponcova) - webui: Close installer to quit/reboot/finish (vslavik) - webui: Increase size of VM disk for interactive work (vslavik) - webui: Don't use inst.nokill for testing VMs (vslavik) - webui: Save webui wrapper script PID (vslavik) - Fix the documentation of the languages attribute in packages configuration (vponcova) - webui: expose webui.remote boot option (kkoukiou) - Clean up pyanaconda.payload.utils (vponcova) - Clean up the RepoData class (vponcova) - Use a task to set up an additional HDD repository (vponcova) - Add the parse_hdd_url function (vponcova) - Improve the recommendation from the swap verification check (vponcova) - Improve the error message from the OPAL compatibility check (vponcova) - webui: Test both betanag states (vslavik) * Mon Mar 28 2022 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 37.4-1 - Remove the unused _noop method (vponcova) - Fix failing pylint check. (rvykydal) - Use a task to set up an additional NFS repository (vponcova) - Parse both formats of the NFS repositories (vponcova) - webui: start using custom webui-desktop script instead of cockpit-desktop (kkoukiou) - ShellCheck: Quote also variables inside ${...} (vslavik) - Move the validation of system repositories (vponcova) - Always load new enabled repositories to check their validity (vponcova) - Don't allow to load metadata of a disabled repository (vponcova) - Remove the _add_repo_to_dnf_and_ks method of the DNF payload class (vponcova) - Use the DNF manager to load all enabled repositories (vponcova) - Add the load_packages_metadata method to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Extend the DBus documentation of the Storage module (vponcova) - webui: add helper text in the installation destination step (kkoukiou) - webui: adapt the wizard body headers and other captions to the design mockups (kkoukiou) - webui: move installation destination step to ListingTable component (kkoukiou) - Clarify which Anaconda profile is used by CentOS Stream (vponcova) - webui: prefer constant variable when possible (kkoukiou) - webui: bring some order to the imports (kkoukiou) - webui: move wizard code out of app.jsx to a new file (kkoukiou) - webui: stop using titleId without a title (kkoukiou) - webui: keep a list of visited pages for deciding which nav items are enabled (kkoukiou) - webui: stop passing 'address' variable to the Footer component (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: do not start the installation in non-destructive tests (kkoukiou) - webui: convert wizard to in-page and add a betanag label (kkoukiou) - Add the generate_driver_disk_repositories function (vponcova) - Split some code from the update_base_repo method (vponcova) - Handle the inst.addrepo option in the DNF payload class (vponcova) - Remove the additional_repos attribute of the Anaconda class (vponcova) - Parse the inst.addrepo option using argparser (vponcova) - gui: update network spoke for symbolic icons (#2055883) (rvykydal) - gui: update beta-nag dialog for symbolic icons (#2055883) (rvykydal) - gui: update Quit dialog for symbolic icons (#2055883) (rvykydal) - Add the --ignore-broken test again (vponcova) - Remove --ignore-broken test (#test) (jkonecny) - webui: add support for in form error notifications per step (kkoukiou) - webui: introduce a custom Footer component for the Wizard (kkoukiou) - webui: introduce some logic for which steps the users can access (kkoukiou) - webui: Get method call on the Properties interface always wraps results in arrays (kkoukiou) - webui: move dbus client declarations to singleton classes (kkoukiou) - webui: fix progress reporting in the InstallationProgress component (kkoukiou) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - Document inst.net.noautodefault option (rvykydal) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - Add scripts for anaconda services to updates image (rvykydal) - Add inst.net.noautodefault option do disable NM default autocons (#2033231) (rvykydal) - Disable NM autoconnections in Anaconda (rvykydal) * Tue Mar 15 2022 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 37.3-1 - Increase version of the anaconda-widgets (jkonecny) - Disable layout_indicator in Anaconda (jkonecny) - Don't configure the keyboard in Live environments with XWayland (jkonecny) - webui: tests: check-installation-progress tests are not non-destructive (kkoukiou) - tests: webui: ensure that installation reaches boot-loader step and fails (kkoukiou) - webui: storage configuration: show only usable disks in the table (kkoukiou) - webui: set default storage configuration in the JS code (kkoukiou) - webui: move localization apis to 'apis' folder (kkoukiou) - webui: move installation apis to 'apis' folder (kkoukiou) - webui: pass up to the component tree a hander for showing errors in the UI (kkoukiou) - webui: move react components to a new `components` folders (kkoukiou) - webui: rewrite language selection component to a class component (kkoukiou) - network: Handle network configuration paths not existing (awilliam) - webui: webpack: process all assets when compressing (kkoukiou) - Change pylint ignore from number to name (vslavik) - Remove RpmDb-related setup in OSTree payloads (vslavik) - pylint: Survive scanning broken symlinks (vslavik) - pylint: Don't read whole files to check hashbangs (vslavik) - pylint: Ignore checkouts of cockpit repos (vslavik) - pylint: Simplify skipping already detected paths (vslavik) - webui: move to a wizard based design implementation (mkolman) - Do not crash on network --device link with wireless device (#2051235) (rvykydal) - Remove the decorated_window conf option (vslavik) - packit: build SRPM in Copr (ttomecek) - Use the latest Read the Docs theme (vponcova) - Change the example bug related to unlocked LUKS devices (vponcova) - webui: read conf from installation environment (vslavik) * Tue Mar 08 2022 Adam Williamson <awilliam@redhat.com> - 37.2-2 - Backport PR#3935 to fix live installs * Tue Mar 08 2022 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 37.2-1 - Fix Makefile targets using L10N Makefile variables (jkonecny) - Remove the blivet_gui_supported configuration option (vponcova) - webui: tests: move journal parsing for waiting for webui initialization to the VM creation script (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: move cockpit-ws spawning to the machine_install script instead of the ks file (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: workaround cockpit's expectation for test/images directory (kkoukiou) - webui: first pass on the installation progress component (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: add payload workaround for the webui tests (kkoukiou) - webui: add notification component at top level (kkoukiou) - Set up basic error handling for the Web UI (vponcova) - Provide defaults for the Web UI installation (vponcova) - webui: tests: wait for the webui initialiation to have finishes before running the tests (kkoukiou) - Always request localization files during build (jkonecny) - Collect PO files names dynamically (jkonecny) - Move the po files download to the `make` call (jkonecny) - webui: tests: actually boot into the webui mode (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: ignore output when running commands in the ks file (kkoukiou) - Remove the enable_ignore_broken_packages configuration option (vponcova) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - tests: webui: Increate timeout for accessible webui to 5 minutes (kkoukiou) - Replace one more icon after removal from adwaita (#2055883) (jkonecny) - Allow to run an incomplete installation via DBus (vponcova) - Remove ksdata from migrated payload classes (vponcova) - Remove progressQ (vponcova) - Don't use progressQ in GUI (vponcova) - Don't use progressQ in TUI (vponcova) - Don't use progressQ in the installation queue (vponcova) - Update accordion.py (76429226+layne-yang) - Replace legacy adwaita icons removed in adwaita-icon-theme 42 (awilliam) - Update the .coveragerc file (vponcova) - webui: Pin eslint-plugin-react to the last non broken release (kkoukiou) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - ovirt: move /var/tmp to its own partition (sbonazzo) - webui: Don't save SSH key in command from VM script (vslavik) - docs: add intructions to the on-duty team member for handling failing image refreshes for webui tests (kkoukiou) - Add a release note for removed undocumented and unused scripts (vponcova) - Remove the /usr/bin/analog script (vponcova) - Remove the /usr/bin/restart-anaconda script (vponcova) - Improve the documentation of the run-anaconda script (vponcova) - Don't report the name of the DBus task by default (vponcova) - webui: Use grouped typeahead for the language selector (kkoukiou) - webui: consume real data in the language selection dialog from the API (kkoukiou) - Introduce GetLanguages, GetLanguageData, GetLocales, GetLocaleData methods on the Localization interface (kkoukiou) - Add note to branching guide to look on pykickstart issues (#docs) (jkonecny) - Fixed the translation not taking effect (yangxiaoxuan) * Mon Feb 21 2022 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 37.1-1 - webui: checkout last release instead of main for cockpit's test library (kkoukiou) - Do not modify boot order on UEFI if asked (vslavik) - webui: use test images from the cockpit's image store (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: use python3, python is not a thing in Cockpit's test container anymore (kkoukiou) - Remove RPM database cleanup (vslavik) - Add all fields to PartSpec's string representation (vslavik) - Add __repr__ to PartSpec (vslavik) - UX: clarify meaning of "additional space" checkbox (hexagon-recursion) - Create /var subvolume on Fedora Kinoite and Silverblue (cmurf) - Remove misleading warning about inst.ks.device replacing ksdevice (rvykydal) - Remove the support for detection of unsupported hardware (vponcova) - Revert "Ignore webui specific parts in the rpm-test" (kkoukiou) - webui: Add mising MAINTAINERCLEANFILES in Makefile.am (kkoukiou) - webui: install eslint-config-standard-jsx to align with what starter-kit [1] does (kkoukiou) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - Remove webui kernel boot argument support (jkonecny) - Ignore deps-dev commits by dependabot (vslavik) - Remove web UI from spec file on Fedora 36 (jkonecny) - Remove npm dependencies from the containers (jkonecny) - Remove webui code from the Fedora 36 (jkonecny) - build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot]) - Restore contexts also in /usr/lib (vslavik) - ci: rpm: install older rpm version in the container (kkoukiou) - po: limit threads used by libgomp when building the merged translation files (kkoukiou) - Reset the password if the root account is disabled (vponcova) - Fix the status of the root configuration screen (vponcova) - Fix the condition for entering the root configuration (vponcova) - Move tests for pyanaconda.ui.lib.users to a new file (vponcova) - Revert "Show correctly that no admin user is set up" (vponcova) - Remove the make-sphinx-docs script (vponcova) - Remove the list-screens script (vponcova) - Remove the anaconda-read-journal script (vponcova) - Remove the run_boss_locally.py script (vponcova) - Improve the indentation in pyanaconda.installation (vponcova) - Translate strings when we create the installation queue (vponcova) - Create a task for running the current installation queue (vponcova) - webui: tests: update README file (kkoukiou) - webui: tests: add support for destructive tests (kkoukiou) - Don't use progressQ in tasks of the installation queue (vponcova) - Do not fail on nonexistent fs nodes in pstore (vslavik) - dockerfile: stop specifying nodejs stream explicitely (kkoukiou) - Support Btrfs-only mount points in the default partitioning (vponcova) - Use a task to write repositories on the target system (vponcova) - Revert "Adjust configuration options for Fedora 36" (jkonecny) - dockerfile: ci: rpm: install nodejs instead of NPM directly (kkoukiou) - Do not copy resolv.conf to target system at the end of installation (rvykydal) - Do not copy /etc/resolv.conf to chroot before installation (rvykydal) - Clean up pyanaconda.installation_tasks (vponcova) - Extend the unit tests for the Flatpak manager (vponcova) - Don't use progressQ in the payload classes (vponcova) - Don't use progressQ in the DNF payload class (vponcova) - Simplify the error message about a failed Flatpak operation (vponcova) - Don't use progressQ in the Flatpak manager (vponcova) - spec: Add dependency on libblockdev-lvm-dbus to install-env-deps (vtrefny) - webui: users: do not try to use the proxy before it's ready (kkoukiou) - Add documentation of how to fix our CI (jkonecny) - Move save_hw_clock method to a D-Bus configuration task (kkoukiou) - Remove the InstallRepoEnabled DBus property (vponcova) - Add the `installation_enabled` attribute to the repository configuration data (vponcova) - Document how to enable Cockpit CI for Fedora branches (mkolman) - Update branching docs (mkolman) - Reset the password if the root account is disabled (vponcova) - Fix the status of the root configuration screen (vponcova) - Fix the condition for entering the root configuration (vponcova) - Move tests for pyanaconda.ui.lib.users to a new file (vponcova) - Revert "Show correctly that no admin user is set up" (vponcova) - Remove the WriteResolvConfTask class (vponcova) - Clean up the code for including Web UI in an updates image (vponcova) - Adjust configuration options for Fedora 36 (mkolman) - build: Remove make as part of run-build-and-arg script (kkoukiou) - spec: list webui language translation files into the RPM (kkoukiou) - po: don't translate the externally fetched pkg/lib content for now (kkoukiou) - webui: po: cockpit-po-plugin expects that translations are from the current directory (kkoukiou) - po: add hack to workaround semicolon bug (kkoukiou) - po: stop using --use-fist when creating the anaconda.pot file (kkoukiou) - po: start translating webui files (jsx) and add support for cockpit translation functions (kkoukiou) - webui: eslint: let's always prefer double quotes since cockpit localization needs it (kkoukiou) - webui: start translating some strings (kkoukiou) - Test a recreation of the same thread (vponcova) - Add the `enabled` attribute to the repository configuration data (vponcova) * Wed Jan 26 2022 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 36.16-1 - packit: release: unset use_cockpit by sedding the specfile in packit script (kkoukiou) - webui: parameterize ports for ssh, cockpit connection and http server (kkoukiou) - Use systemd-resolved in installer environment. (rvykydal) - webui: tests: add info on how to run these in a toolbox (#docs) (kkoukiou) - npm: Lock mini-css-extract-plugin at version 2.4.5 (kkoukiou) - pyanaconda: fix webui directory in Makefile (kkoukiou) - webui: Fix test/README tip (kkoukiou) - webui: makeupdates: file expected path (kkoukiou) - webui: Fix some pylint errors in the tests code (kkoukiou) - webui: Reorganize new webui code into different directories (kkoukiou) - webui: add usage of the timedatectl ServerTime wrapper (kkoukiou) - webui: introduce new watch and rsync makefile targets (kkoukiou) - webui: setup subdirectories for the different components (kkoukiou) - webui: show device selection list for partitioning (kkoukiou) - webui: sync Makefile with starter kit makefile regarding updating package.json (kkoukiou) - webui: Introduce template react components for all configuration subpages (kkoukiou) - test: Bring new cockpit based WebUI tests to the CI (kkoukiou) - webui: change format of the README files for consistency (kkoukiou) - webui: Introduce base functionality for automated testing (kkoukiou) - webui: Add target for fetching cockpit's testing library in anaconda-webui Makefile (kkoukiou) - Ignore webui specific parts in the rpm-test (jkonecny) - Ignore npm packages files for translation (jkonecny) - Add npm and git dependencies to the ci and rpm containers (kkoukiou) - Build and install webui also through autotools (kkoukiou) - webui: strip down eslintrc ignore rules to only the rules that really don't make sense (kkoukiou) - webui: enforce the consistent use of either double or single quotes (kkoukiou) - webui: add simple example of using the dbus API for reading and writing properties (kkoukiou) - Make the makeupdates script Web UI aware (kkoukiou) - Build and include the cockpit tar into the anaconda spec file (kkoukiou) - Introduce webui plugin base code (kkoukiou) - Initial Web UI support (mkolman) - Run chown instead of os.walk-ing to re-own home dir (vslavik) - Add the set_repository_enabled function (vponcova) * Wed Jan 19 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 36.15-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_36_Mass_Rebuild * Mon Jan 17 2022 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 36.15-1 - Correct liveinst SELinux status check (awilliam) - The OPAL compatibility with XFS features is mandatory (vponcova) - Improve wording on the admin checkbox (vslavik) - User is admin by default (vslavik) * Mon Jan 10 2022 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 36.14-1 - Move the code for adding repositories to the DNF base (vponcova) - Allow to convert kickstart repositories into DBus data (vponcova) - Skip /etc/machine-info during live installs (#2036199) (awilliam) * Thu Jan 06 2022 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 36.13-1 - New version - 36.13 (Martin Kolman) - Fix names of tests for the OPAL compatibility verification (Vendula Poncova) - Always use LegacyVersion for parsing versions (Vendula Poncova) - Remove the GenerateTemporaryKickstart DBus method (Vendula Poncova) - Use the DBus API for the image and tar installation (Vendula Poncova) - Run the installation tasks in the live image payload module (Vendula Poncova) - Create complete installation tasks for live and tar installations (Vendula Poncova) - Create the tarball source module (Vendula Poncova) - Merge helper functions into users._reown_homedir() (Vladimir Slavik) - Remove _get_parent_directory (Vladimir Slavik) - Merge _dir_tree_map into _chown_dir_tree (Vladimir Slavik) - Move touch from core.util to core.path (Vladimir Slavik) - Move join_paths from core.util to core.path (Vladimir Slavik) - Move open_with_perm from core.util to core.path (Vladimir Slavik) - Move get_mount_paths from core.util to core.path (Vladimir Slavik) - Move parent_dir to users._get_parent_directory (Vladimir Slavik) - Move dir_tree_map and chown_dir_tree to users (Vladimir Slavik) - Remove last use of dir_tree_map outside core.util (Vladimir Slavik) - Move util.mkdirChain to path.make_directories (Vladimir Slavik) - Add missing commas to the test_get_kernel_version_list test (Vendula Poncova) - Fix syntax errors in a workflow (#infra) (Vendula Poncova) - Show all logs of failed unit tests (Vendula Poncova) - Move set_system_root from core.util to core.path (Vladimir Slavik) - Add a new module for path-related helpers (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix shellcheck warnings (Vladimir Slavik) - Update ShellCheck config files (Vladimir Slavik) - Add ShellCheck to unit tests (Vladimir Slavik) - Improve headline comment of our containers (#infra) (Jiri Konecny) - Use local anaconda.spec.in file during container build (#infra) (Jiri Konecny) - Fix typo in debug print in network part (Jiri Konecny) - Replace local function with service helper (Vladimir Slavik) - Change service helper default root to "/" (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix too shallow clone in release action (#infra) (Vladimír Slávik) - Test the service helpers (Vladimir Slavik) - Move service util functions to new module (Vladimir Slavik) - Remove the base_repo property (Vendula Poncova) - Remove the support for image installations from the liveinst script (Vendula Poncova) - Close stale pull requests (#infra) (Vendula Poncova) * Tue Dec 14 2021 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 36.12-1 - New version - 36.12 (Martin Kolman) - Retire execInSysroot (Vladimir Slavik) - Retire all uses of execInSysroot in bootloader (Vladimir Slavik) - Stop using execInSysroot in FixZIPLBootloaderTask (Vladimir Slavik) - Remove the root= kwarg of execInSysroot (Vladimir Slavik) - Replace the only execInSysroot call using root= (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix ShellCheck issues in translation_canary (Vladimir Slavik) - network: always use rd.iscsi.ibft when the need to access an iBFT device (Lubomir Rintel) - Remove the dracut_args attribute (Vendula Poncova) - Remove upd-kernel (Vladimir Slavik) - Quote things for ShellCheck (Vladimir Slavik) - Eliminate boolean test operator (Vladimir Slavik) - Remove LIVE_INSTALL (Vladimir Slavik) - Improve grepping and testing results in liveinst (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix quoting in liveinst scripts (Vladimir Slavik) - Split variable declaration and assignment (Vladimir Slavik) - Do not try to load the floppy kernel module (Jan Stodola) - Fix reset of DBus containers in the unit tests (Vendula Poncova) - Introduce a download path to simplify the image payload code (Vendula Poncova) - Add a page with overview of CI actions (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix generation of commit range for rel.notes (#infra) (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix mailing list in our Dockerfiles (Jiri Konecny) - Change mail from anaconda-devel-list@redhat.com to Fedora variant (Jiri Konecny) - Remove the container build badge from README (Vladimir Slavik) - Clean up the task for the checksum verification (Vendula Poncova) - Remove the %anaconda section (Vendula Poncova) - Deprecate the ANA_INSTALL_PATH environment variable (Vendula Poncova) * Thu Dec 02 2021 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 36.11-1 - New version - 36.11 (Martin Kolman) - Handle potential failure of `cd` (Vladimir Slavik) - Printf variables correctly (Vladimir Slavik) - Simplify debug printing (Vladimir Slavik) - Ignore use of local variables (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix wrong comparison operator (Vladimir Slavik) - Remove unused variables (Vladimir Slavik) - Ignore variables used across our dracut hooks (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix arithmetic operation on a variable (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix `read` calls in dracut code (Vladimir Slavik) - Check correctly if glob finds anything (Vladimir Slavik) - Check for substring in POSIX compatible way (Vladimir Slavik) - Remove useless echo calls (Vladimir Slavik) - Split combined local variable creation and assignment (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix "empty" redirections in dracut scripts (Vladimir Slavik) - Fix hashbangs in dracut scripts (Vladimir Slavik) - Split binary logic in dracut shell files (Vladimir Slavik) - Add a ShellCheck config for dracut scripts (Vladimir Slavik) - Add changelog to GH releases (#infra) (Vladimir Slavik) - Enable the pytest assert introspection in the helper functions (Vendula Poncova) - Fix Source0 in spec to point to upstream source URL (Jiri Konecny) * Mon Nov 29 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.10-1 - Add tasks for cleaning up after the live image installation (vponcova) - Create a task for mounting a live image (vponcova) - Remove unused code from the live image payload module (vponcova) - Wait for all background threads to finish before filling installation task queue (mkolman) - Remove all git hooks (vponcova) - Add a mnemonic (alt-s) to the LUKS version dropdown (vslavik) - Use a task to download the image payload (vponcova) - Clean up the download progress of the image payload (vponcova) - Fix double quotes in dracut package module-setup (vslavik) - Use the set up tasks in the image payload class (vponcova) - Split system purpose tests to a separate file (mkolman) - Create shared constants file for the subscription module (mkolman) - Move USER_AGENT to core/constants.py (mkolman) - Reset the goal during clearing the DNF cache (#2020754) (vponcova) - Fix generating of the kernel boot argument rd.znet= on s390x (jstodola) - Do not crash on dangling symlink /etc/resolv.conf (#2019579) (rvykydal) - Prepare release notes for Fedora 35 (vponcova) - Fix shell quotes in dracut (vslavik) * Mon Nov 15 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.9-1 - Remove the BaseLivePayload class (vponcova) - Cancel planned manual update of system time on turning ntp on (rvykydal) - Always check the dot before a tar suffix (vponcova) - Unify the detection of the tar image (vponcova) - Remove Jenkins from makebumpver (vslavik) - Add Rocky Linux profile to Anaconda (tucklesepk) - Add a new separator after the default keyboard layout (vponcova) - Replace the deprecated syspurpose CLI tool with SetSysrpose DBus call (mkolman) - bug fix: activate connection from callback _connection_updated_cb (qiy) - Remove git hook scripts (vslavik) - Run rsync with the correct source (vponcova) - Fix application of network --mtu kickstart option in Anaconda (rvykydal) - Add Rocky Linux profile to Anaconda (tucklesepk) - Migrate the Live OS payload on DBus (vponcova) - Don't require implementation of post_install_with_tasks (vponcova) - Move test launcher scripts to subdirectories (vslavik) - Fix all Shellcheck warnings in tests (vslavik) - Add Shellcheck config for Anaconda (vslavik) - Remove the provides_web_browser property (vponcova) * Tue Nov 02 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.8-1 - Make network spoke GUI more robust in cases of missing NM Client. (rvykydal) - Do not crash on missing NM Client on --vnc installations (#1998754) (rvykydal) - Add configuration files for Read the Docs (vponcova) - Use the set-up and tear-down tasks of the Live OS image source (vponcova) - make US keyboard layout easier to find in Anaconda (suanand) - Show correctly that no admin user is set up (vslavik) - Move the Live OS image detection into a task (vponcova) - No wildcards in Automake (praiskup) - Create a new base class for migrated payloads (vponcova) - Disable the concurrency check in the error dialog in TUI (vponcova) - Unify GUI & TUI root spoke completeness conditions (vslavik) - Log statistics about the image installation (vponcova) - Document the drop-in %post scripts (vslavik) - Monitor the progress of the image installation in tasks (vponcova) - Bump required rpm version (vslavik) - CONTRIBUTING: Note to base changes on a clone of the target branch. (fgrose) - anaconda-cleanup: Don't unmount '/run/rootfsbase'. (fgrose) - Change creation of post-script directory (vslavik) - Restore file contexts in task instead of %post script (vslavik) - CopyLogsWithTask is now FinishInstallationWithTasks (vslavik) - Use the recommended autoreconf command (praiskup) * Tue Oct 12 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.7-1 - Cache the parsed content of the help mapping files (vponcova) - Use specific help directories (vponcova) - Remove the default_help_pages configuration option (vponcova) - Remove the helpFile attribute (vponcova) - Implement the unified help support (vponcova) - Mention manual journal dumps for mising logs (vslavik) - Revert "Install kbd-legacy if keyboard layout is "fi" (#1955793)" (vponcova) * Mon Oct 11 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.6-1 - Don't assume Python modules are in sysconfig.get_path('purelib') (miro) - Watch the org.freedesktop.hostname1 name (vponcova) - Make log copying truly the very last thing done (vslavik) - Rename string constant to make more sense (vslavik) - Move screenshot copying into the Task to copy logs (vslavik) - Add a quick howto for testing dracut changes (vslavik) - Mark the nompath option as deprecated (vslavik) - Don't consider the string module as deprecated (vslavik) - Fix typo and style (vslavik) - Remove ensure_str and decode_bytes (vslavik) - Stop using ensure_str in SimpleConfigParser (vslavik) - Stop using ensure_str in ProxyString (vslavik) - Uncouple ensure_str from {upper,lower}_ascii (vslavik) - Stop optionally decoding string data from RPM (vslavik) - Remove usage of ensure_str from have_word_match (vslavik) - Rename functions in string module to lower_case (vslavik) - Improve tests and docs of the new string module (vslavik) - Split string helpers from pyanaconda.core.util (vslavik) - Replace dummy callbacks (vponcova) - Remove the DBusMetaTask class (vponcova) - Remove unused arguments of the AnacondaPreParser class (vponcova) - Remove unused arguments of the AnacondaKSParser class (vponcova) - Remove the successful_checks property (vponcova) - Remove the sysroot_path function (vponcova) - Mark an unused variable with an underscore (vponcova) - Remove the SessionBus object (vponcova) - Remove the ANACONDA_DATA_DIR constant (vponcova) - Remove the minLevel argument (vponcova) - Remove the logLevelMap variable (vponcova) - Add systemd-machine-id-setup on Live to common bugs (vslavik) - Remove the mpath flag (vslavik) - Stop using the mpath flag (vslavik) * Thu Sep 30 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.5-1 - In installer environment set static, not transient hostname (rvykydal) - Payload should wait for all storage related threads to finish (mkolman) - Update Rawhide release docs to state of the art as of Fedora 35 (mkolman) - Fix deprecation warning about Gdk.Cursor.new (vslavik) - Document workaround MGA G200e graphics card (mkolman) - Verify the OPAL compatibility with XFS features (vponcova) - Fix comments in the python-deps script (vslavik) - Use sysconfig in dracut directly, not via distutils (vslavik) * Thu Sep 23 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.4-1 - Do not crash if restorecon is missing on target system (vslavik) - Move chmod into file copying function in CopyLogsTask (vslavik) - Clarify that the software selection doesn't affect the Anaconda configuration (vponcova) - Set an upper bound to entered sizes (#1992585) (vponcova) - Revert "Install kbd-legacy if keyboard layout is "fi" (#1955793)" (vponcova) - Use octal permissions instead of hexadecimal (vslavik) - Handle new time zones in GUI after earlier switch to zoneinfo (vslavik) - Do not stretch NTP toggle in GUI (vslavik) - Add AlmaLinux profile (andrew.lukoshko) - The NTP server dialog without entries shouldn't crash (#2001591) (vponcova) - Set hostname also from ip= static configuration without device (#1988521) (rvykydal) - Add Silverblue specific logos to profile. (jaberan) - data/profile.d: Add profiles for KDE & Kinoite Spins (tim) - Fix Removed options inst.[product|variant] were subsections (jkonecny) * Thu Sep 16 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.3-1 - Fix boolean comparisons in asserts (vslavik) - Stop using distutils to compare kernel versions (vslavik) - Clarify scope of ignored locations (amahdal) - Clarify reference to other *multiple* `inst.ks` arguments (amahdal) - Clarify default behavior before `inst.ks.all` (amahdal) - Clarify `inst.ks.all` description by using imperative mode (amahdal) - Add missing markup for option names and "value types" (amahdal) - Copy logs in a task instead of a %post script (vslavik) * Thu Sep 09 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.2-1 - Add missing apostrophe to suggestion (rffontenelle) - Add test for new "nosave" config members (vslavik) - Remove nosave flags, use conf instead (vslavik) - Add (no)save options to Anaconda section of config (vslavik) - Define a unique id in the main spokes and hubs (vponcova) - Add the Screen class (vponcova) - Print progress dots on one line in TUI (honza.stodola) - Cleanup unneeded NFS repo with rd.live.ram parameter (mmatsuya) - Include the anaconda-generator script in the updates image (vponcova) - Don't run shell on every found virtualization console (vponcova) * Tue Aug 24 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 36.1-1 - fsset: Ignore all swap activation errors in turn_on_swap (vtrefny) - Don't try to use line buffering in binary mode (vponcova) - Add release notes for NTP dialog change (vslavik) - Change the NTP server dialog design (vslavik) - Rename spoke to Root Account (vslavik) - Don't set default of gpt option at cmdline parsing (cheeselee) - Change the root password spoke GUI design (vslavik) - Add release notes for visible warnings from initrd (jkonecny) - Split NTP dialog to its own glade file (vslavik) * Tue Aug 10 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.22-1 - Fix dependency on zram-generator in RHEL (sgallagh) - tests: Fix failing ClearPartTestCase with latest blivet (vtrefny) - Add brltty to boot.iso with default configuration (vslavik) - Fix admin user password condition handling in TUI (854182924) - Fix typo in docstring (vslavik) * Thu Jul 29 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.21-1 - Add release notes for packaging log in tmux (jkonecny) - Small fixes in the subscription structures (vponcova) - Make critical warnings from Dracut more visible (#1983098) (jkonecny) - Print Dracut errors encountered during boot after Anaconda starts (#1983098) (jkonecny) - Add function to print critical warnings more visible during boot (#1983098) (jkonecny) - dracut: read filename dhcp option from dhcpopts file (rvykydal) - Disable anaconda-core's requirement on subscription-manager on CentOS (carl) - Add new error reporting hook when Dracut timeout (#1983098) (jkonecny) - Update boot-options.rst (31507393+Ultimate-etamitlU) - Handle handle get_layout() method returning None (#1976526) (mkolman) - Enable the zram-generator service on RHEL (vponcova) * Tue Jul 20 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.20-1 - Improve logging from the DownloadProgress class (vponcova) - Monitor the image installation progress with a new class (vponcova) - Clean up the InstallFromImageTask class (vponcova) - Clean up the InstallFromTarTask class (vponcova) - Move the InstallFromImageTask class (vponcova) - Disable installation tasks of the Live OS payload module (vponcova) - Improve installation logs in the Security module (vponcova) - Raise kickstart errors only during kickstart parsing (vponcova) - Reuse the apply_partitioning function (vponcova) - Verify the image checksum in an installation task (vponcova) - Move the progress callback to the base payload class (vponcova) - Revert "Disable failing test" (jkonecny) - Check the support for the Subscription module on startup (vponcova) - Activate DBus modules based on the new configuration options (vponcova) - Add new configuration options for the DBus module activation (vponcova) - Fix typing errors in the Security module (vponcova) - remove authconfig support (pbrezina) - Use C.UTF-8 if the requested locale is unsupported (vponcova) - Don't match a non-POSIX locale with a POSIX langcode (vponcova) - Show suggestions for an error caused by inconsistent sector sizes (vponcova) - new window in tmux to tail packaging.log (jarrod) * Mon Jul 12 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.19-1 - Don't return None from is_supported_filesystem (#1979854) (vponcova) - Configure the multilib policy of the target system (vponcova) - Reorder imports to reduce linter warnings (vslavik) - Ignore falsy pylint missing member warning in dnf code (vslavik) - Silence false pylint warning (vslavik) - Don't use deprecated imp module in dracut test (vslavik) - Fix typo in docs (vslavik) - Replace (vslavik) - Ignore pylint mistakes about missing members in test (vslavik) - Remove the productVariant variable (vponcova) - Document the profile configuration files (vponcova) - Add support for the profile configuration files (#1974819) (vponcova) - Replace inst.product and inst.variant with inst.profile (vponcova) - Replace product configuration files with profiles (vponcova) - Appease pylint's belief that this is not a string (vslavik) - Update pylint directive for new warning name (vslavik) - Revert "Fix unit test for previous commit" (lveyde) - Revert "ovirt / rhv: drop swap partition" (lveyde) * Mon Jun 28 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.18-1 - Use yescrypt hashing method for shadow passwords (besser82) - Intercept OSError thrown by crypt.crypt() on error. (besser82) - Add tests for system time setting (awilliam) - Fix time setting for daylight savings, let Python do the work (awilliam) - Update the pixel depth of xvnc server from 16 to 24 (rvykydal) - Change the Python version to 3.10 in the makeupdates script (vponcova) - Enable running container tests in parallel (jkonecny) - Fix broken hashbang (vslavik) - Fix typo in release docs (vslavik) - Clean up the initialization of PartTypeSpoke (vponcova) - Run installation tasks from ConfigureBootloaderWithTasks (vponcova) - Add the CollectConfigureBootloaderTasks method (vponcova) - Add the ConfigureBootloaderWithTasks method (vponcova) - Add suggestions to kickstart error message in liveinst (vslavik) - Fix potential use of uninitialized variable (vslavik) - Fix potential use of uninitialized variable (vslavik) - Fix literal curly braces in dracut scripts (vslavik) - Fix logging messages (vslavik) - Remove RPM_TESTS_ARGS support (jkonecny) - Disable failing test (jkonecny) - Disable pylint error in tests (jkonecny) - Disable glade tests (jkonecny) - Migrate rpm_tests to python3 unittest framework (jkonecny) - Rename rpm_tests to make them discoverable by unittest framework (jkonecny) - Fix tests README file (jkonecny) - Change NOSE_TESTS_ARGS to a similar logic for unittest framework (jkonecny) - Fix services after nosetests renaming to unit_tests (jkonecny) - Rename nosetests execution scripts and vars to unit_tests (jkonecny) - Rename nosetests folder to unit-tests (jkonecny) - Make it possible to skip install time Insights errors (#1931069) (mkolman) - Run our unit tests with unittest python3 framework (jkonecny) - Rename all unit tests methods to use test_* prefix (jkonecny) - Rename all tests files to make them discoverable by unittest (jkonecny) - Remove the upd-updates script (vslavik) - Remove the merge-pr script (vslavik) - Apply the bootloader options before the installation (vponcova) * Tue Jun 15 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.17-1 - Fix import of Iterable from collections (rvykydal) - Move the support for the treeinfo metadata into a DBus module (vponcova) - Add support for configuration of the DNF substitution variables (vponcova) - Remove the _install_tree_metadata attribute (vponcova) - Add unit test for biosdevname package requirement (rvykydal) - Require biosdevname package if biosdevname=1 boot option is set (rvykydal) - Make clear that team and vlan from ks in initramfs is not supported (rvykydal) - Fixed some more PEP8 issues in installation.py (lveyde) - Don't allow reformat if the requested file system is unsupported (vponcova) - Always exclude unsupported file systems (vponcova) - Remove btrfs from the list of unsupported file systems (vponcova) - Clean up the get_supported_filesystems function (vponcova) - Clarify the implementation of GetFormatTypeData (vponcova) - Run tests on every push to a base branch (vponcova) - Introduce the docs/release-notes directory (vponcova) * Wed May 26 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.16-1 - Add kickstart tests support for RHEL-9 branch (#infra) (jkonecny) - Add a log message for successful installation (vslavik) - Remove base container from kickstart-test workflow (#infra) (jkonecny) - Change the description of "Encrypt my data" in the custom partitioning spoke (vponcova) - Use anaconda-iso-creator container to build boot.iso (#infra) (jkonecny) - Use consistent shell formatting in kickstart-tests workflow (#infra) (jkonecny) - Rename lorax_build_container in kickstart-tests workflow (#infra) (jkonecny) - Add Dockerfile for lorax iso build with Anaconda (#infra) (jkonecny) - Remove the configuration file for Fedora Workstation Live (vponcova) - Rename the configuration file for CentOS Stream (vponcova) - Remove the configuration file for CentOS Linux (vponcova) - Don't set the home directory to None (#1960803) (vponcova) - Enable back ELN Anaconda daily builds (jkonecny) - Add nightly builds also for ELN containers (jkonecny) - Enable debug output when building containers (#infra) (jkonecny) - Show mount points for other types of actions (#1953134) (vponcova) - Populate the missing keyboard values before the payload installation (vponcova) - Clarify how branches are merged back for contributors to pick a target (javierm) - Install kbd-legacy if keyboard layout is "fi" (#1955793) (awilliam) * Mon May 17 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.15-1 - Make the coverage status about tests informational (vponcova) - network: check NM availability before running some methods (#1937185) (rvykydal) - Migrate from pytz to zoneinfo, list (close to) all time zones (miro) - Change logic in NFS validation (vslavik) - Avoid a race condition during Connect to Red Hat spoke initialization (mkolman) - Tweak dependabot configuration (jkonecny) - Use .codecov.yml from the main branch (vponcova) - Fix boot options generated by the dracut module (vponcova) - Simplify the code for working with kickstart repositories (vponcova) - Remove the _enabled_repos property of the DNF payload (vponcova) - Remove the addons property of the DNF payload (vponcova) - Move post installation scripts to the end of queue (lveyde) - Add support for repomd.xml hashes to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Deduplicate dependency metapackages (vslavik) - Do not use pip cache when building containers (#infra) (vslavik) - Revert "Use GitHub environment gating for kstests workflow" (#infra) (jkonecny) - Move NTP server dialog to its own file (vslavik) - Simplify the unit tests with DNF repositories (vponcova) - Test GetFormatTypeData for all format types (vponcova) - Add the repositories property to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Remove comments about ConditionArchitecture (vslavik) - Add common bug with incomplete VG because of ignoredisk (jkonecny) - Fix AskVNCSpoke call (vslavik) - Improve X startup error messages (vslavik) - Terminate X server after timeout and restore crash test handler (vslavik) - Reorganize control flow in startX (vslavik) - Handle SIGUSR1 correctly after Xorg timeout (vslavik) - Refactor minor details in startX (vslavik) - Small fixups of metacity replacement. (rvykydal) - Remove unnecessary workaround to always build ELN containers (#infra) (jkonecny) - Remove temp workaround to solve podman issue on GH runners (#infra) (jkonecny) - makebumpver: allow BZ to be also in POST (#infra) (rvykydal) - scripts: do not require "Fixed in version" set for release (#infra) (rvykydal) - Remove github-action-run-once script from anaconda-ci (#infra) (jkonecny) - Clean DNF to make the anaconda-rpm container smaller (#infra) (jkonecny) - Add the load_repository method to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Add a badge with the current coverage (vponcova) - Configure codecov.io (vponcova) - Upload coverage to codecov.io (vponcova) - Add base repo name for CentOS Stream after repository renaming (jkonecny) - Remove parse-kickstart tests which don't test anything useful (rvykydal) - Fix basic dracut parse-kickstart tests for network configuration (rvykydal) - Fix parse-kickstart bridge test (rvykydal) * Wed May 05 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.14-1 - Document too little memory for LUKS setup (vslavik) - Remove redundant logging messages from the DNF module (vponcova) - Use the new support for checking the software selection in UI (vponcova) - Add an installation task for resolving the packages selection (vponcova) - Add a validation task for checking the packages selection (vponcova) - Handle marking errors in the DNF manager (vponcova) - Add the clear_selection method to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Add the resolve_selection method to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Remove the bugUrl variable (vponcova) - Remove the productStamp variable (vponcova) - Remove the productArch variable (vponcova) - Improve debug message about configuration loading and writing (jkonecny) - Enable closest mirror in CentOS Stream config (carl) - The kernel boot argument sshd is removed and should warn user (jkonecny) - Document the workaround for missing options of the repo command (vponcova) - Replace metacity with gnome-kiosk (rvykydal) - Drop deprecated support for comps from the DNF payload class (vponcova) - Use the software selection cache in GUI (vponcova) - Use new fedora-latest alias in COPR (jkonecny) * Tue Apr 27 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.13-1 - Disable ELN for our unit and rpm tests (jkonecny) - Disable ELN builds for Packit (jkonecny) - Fix unit test for previous commit (sbonazzo) - Add hotfix for Ubuntu hosts for container refresh (jkonecny) - ovirt / rhv: drop swap partition (sbonazzo) - Fix the broken rootless podman on Ubuntu 20.04 20210419.1 (vponcova) - Increase the minimal suggested size for /boot (vslavik) - Support bond device activated in initramfs from kickstart (rvykydal) - fix tests for RHV (sbonazzo) - rhvh: fix EULA path for RHV-H (sbonazzo) - Adapt tests to the new ostree user defined mount points (#1906735) (jkonecny) - Fix RPMOSTree mount to the non-existing directory (#1906735) (jkonecny) - Use the software selection cache in TUI (vponcova) - Add the SoftwareSelectionCache class (vponcova) - Add the get_software_selection_status function (vponcova) - Add the is_software_selection_complete function (vponcova) - Clean up the collect_platform_requirements function (vponcova) - Add the match_available_packages method to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Add the is_package_available method to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Remove product-specific data from the Anaconda stylesheet (vponcova) - s: make it better (vslavik) - Replace use of imp with importlib in collect() (vslavik) - Document the issue about the ignoredisk command and installation sources (vponcova) - Describe the common bug in the Issue paragraph (vponcova) - Run RHEL COPR builds on kstest (vslavik) - Allow to use no default product configuration (#1947939) (vponcova) - Make sure rhsm.service is running at Anaconda startup (mkolman) - Add display-related dependencies (vslavik) - Set up the Storage spoke in TUI on every entry (vponcova) - subscription: allow dates in ISO 8601 format (ptoscano) * Mon Apr 12 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.12-1 - Remove patches to avoid forcing inst. prefix on RHEL 9 (jkonecny) - Allow to exclude the kernel-lpae package (vponcova) - Remove the pwpolicy kickstart command (vponcova) - Do not generate dracut arguments multiple times for some storage devices (rvykydal) - Run RHEL8 contributor tests on kstest runners (vslavik) - Add support for comps to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Add DBus structures for comps data (vponcova) - Add the is_cdn_registration_required function (vponcova) - Use the default_environment property in UI (vponcova) - Add the default_environment property to the DNF manager (vponcova) - Create the substitute method (vponcova) - Rename tests-owners to just tests (jkonecny) - Use GitHub environment gating for kstests workflow (jkonecny) - Replace our Fedora owners check by GH environments for our workflows (jkonecny) - Fix a small typo in common bugs (jkonecny) * Wed Mar 31 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.11-1 - Turn off wrapping of the scale values (vponcova) - Make the scale visible by default (#1943370) (vponcova) * Tue Mar 30 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.10-1 - Update unit test for GetDracutArguments for FCoE (rvykydal) - Make failure in generating of dracut arguments for iSCSI device non-fatal. (rvykydal) - network: match also connections named by MAC created by NM in initramfs (rvykydal) - Create /tmp with the right permissions (#1937626) (vponcova) - Don't recommend zram-generator-defaults (#1938132) (vponcova) - Don't automatically execute the default partitioning (vponcova) - Fix the warning about working NTP servers (#1889180) (vponcova) - Remove implicit dependencies (vponcova) - Don't install anaconda-install-env-deps by default (vponcova) - Document SSH root password login issues & possible workaround (mkolman) - Add groups to kickstart tests lorax output (vslavik) * Mon Mar 22 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.9-1 - Improve logging of the download and install sizes (vponcova) - Clean up the code for finding sufficient mount points (vponcova) - Remove pyanaconda.payload.dnf.utils (vponcova) - Move code for cleaning up the download location (vponcova) - Add the get_free_space_map function (vponcova) - Move code from the space_required property (vponcova) - Check if the mount point exists before calling statvfs (#1824357) (vponcova) - Move code from _pick_download_location (vponcova) - Move the get_df_map and pick_mount_point functions (vponcova) - Use a custom stylesheet to define Fedora-specific stylesheet data (vponcova) - Replace download_location with a local variable (vponcova) - Handle modules in the DNF manager (vponcova) - Handle the module command in the Payloads module (vponcova) - ostree: ignore exit code 65 for systemd-tmpfiles (vponcova) - Mark usage of IOError for further investigation (vslavik) - Replace IOError by OSError in scripts (vslavik) - Replace IOError by OSError in dracut code (vslavik) - Replace IOError by OSError for file operations (vslavik) - Move the code for installing packages into a task (vponcova) - Replace IOError when looking up glade files (vslavik) - Replace IOError when starting DBus (vslavik) - Improve messages for the Flatpak installation (vponcova) - Clean up the arguments of the OSTree installation tasks (vponcova) - Change the arguments of ChangeOSTreeRemoteTask (vponcova) - Use the RPM OSTree module to install flatpacks (vponcova) - Move the code for downloading packages into a task (vponcova) - Use the RPM OSTree module to install the payload (vponcova) - Add the _get_source method to the payload modules (vponcova) - Fix unknown error when entering wrong NFS URL address (30516382+century6) - Replace IOError when downloading .treeinfo (vslavik) - consicous lang: fix a fallout of slave -> port patch (rvykydal) - Add logging for iSCSI / FCoE dracut arguments (rvykydal) * Wed Mar 10 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.8-1 - Make kickstart tests run on branched fedora branches (vslavik) - Do not follow symlinks when copying /etc/resolv.conf (#1933454) (rvykydal) - Make contributor tests work on braneched Fedora (vslavik) - Remove container refresh workaround for ELN (jkonecny) - Use the volume UUID to search for the GRUB config in btrfs partitions (javierm) - network: remove unneeded line wrap (rffontenelle) - Drop python3-syspurpose dependency (mkolman) - Remove crun build folder after crun build (jkonecny) - Remove crun version abort for container refresh workflow (jkonecny) - Split the packages configuration data (vponcova) - Hide members of the DNF payload (vponcova) - Replace the FlatpakInstallError exception (vponcova) - Replace the PayloadInstallError exception in the Payloads module (vponcova) - Replace the InstallError exception (vponcova) - Build new crun version for ELN container refresh (jkonecny) - Adjust github owner tests for this (master) branch (vslavik) - Create a task for tearing down OSTree mount targets (vponcova) - Include some of the payload installation tasks by default (vponcova) - Extend the DBus API of the Payloads service (vponcova) - Add the service_proxy property (vponcova) - Fix copypaste typo in github owner tests (vslavik) - conscious lang: rename /etc/modprobe.d/anaconda-blacklist.conf (rvykydal) - Fix running tests for the f34-devel branch (vslavik) - change the grub2 user.cfg permission from 0600 to 0700 (854182924) - Add the installation source for flatpaks (vponcova) - Handle exceptions inside the CopyBootloaderDataTask class (vponcova) - conscious lang: replace 'master store' with 'primary store' in a doc text (rvykydal) - conscious lang: replace 'slave' in network related code (rvykydal) - conscious lang: replace 'master' in network related code (rvykydal) - conscious lang: replace slaves with ports in network GUI (rvykydal) - conscious lang: remove blacklist from pylint configuration file (rvykydal) - conscious lang: rename payload function for adding a module do a denylist (rvykydal) - conscious lang: remove warning for removed blacklist and nofirewire commands (rvykydal) - conscious lang: replace blacklisting in boot options documentation (rvykydal) * Tue Mar 02 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.7-1 - Wrap text in spoke title labels, if needed (vslavik) - Wrap welcome spoke title if needed (vslavik) - Choose the best locale more carefully (#1933384) (vponcova) - Make the user interface context safe for the initial setup (vponcova) - Add support for tear-down of the payload modules (vponcova) - Add the GetKernelVersionList method (vponcova) * Thu Feb 25 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.6-1 - The network spoke should be visible in live spins (#1932961) (vponcova) - Ignore Pylint errors on DNF API (vslavik) - Ignore Pylint errors for PropertiesChanged.connect (vslavik) - Silence false Pylint warning (vslavik) - Ignore false Pylint errors for Enum subclasses (vslavik) - Determine GRUB directory relative path to use in config file (javierm) * Mon Feb 22 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.5-1 - Add the "Encrypt my data" checkbox to the custom partitioning spoke (vponcova) - Don't translate prompt keys (#1892830) (vponcova) - Fix RHEL zram conditional in spec file (mkolman) - Use older Ubuntu for container auto-update workflow (jkonecny) - Remove interactive parameter from container-rpm-test (jkonecny) - Use docker as container engine for time required (jkonecny) - Add container push for rpm containers (jkonecny) - Enable our and blivet COPR repositories for rpm tests (jkonecny) - Add support for anaconda-rpm containers to refresh workflow (jkonecny) - Fix base container specification in refresh workflow (jkonecny) - Store logs from container refresh separately (jkonecny) - vconsole font selection to cover more langs (suanand) * Thu Feb 18 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.4-1 - Do not try to push latest from ELN tag (jkonecny) - Adapt Packit configuration for master (jkonecny) - Add support for f34 and eln branches to container refresh workflow (jkonecny) - [Storage] add btrfs_compression option (#1928857) (michel) - Adjust branch config ater merge (vslavik) - Enable Makefiles and Dockerfiles for branched Fedora (vslavik) - packit: make tests ⊂ builds for the chroot set (ttomecek) - packit: run all actions in a single action (ttomecek) - configure.ac: make the Copyright up to date (ttomecek) - ovirt: rebase on CentOS Stream (sbonazzo) - Use a custom stylesheet to define RHEL-specific stylesheet data (vponcova) - Remove unused variables from Makefile (vslavik) - Drop astroid hotfix patch (jkonecny) - Add table of git branches (jkonecny) - Drop astroid hotfix patch (jkonecny) - Don't block the start of the Network module by the hostname service (vponcova) - Remove unused variables related to mock (vslavik) - Save lorax-packages.log to installed system (rvykydal) * Mon Feb 15 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.3-1 - Do not hard-require zram-generator-default on RHEL just yet (mkolman) - Switch back Packit testing to rawhide after merge from f34-devel (jkonecny) - Improve Packit configuration to use fedora-development (jkonecny) - Add a kickstart specification for the main process (vponcova) - Adapt Packit configuration to a newly branched Fedora (jkonecny) - Create swap by default in RHEL-based installations (#1915297) (vponcova) - Add missing space to a message (vslavik) - Use Linux HOST_NAME_MAX hostname length limit (xiaqirong1) * Fri Feb 12 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.2-1 - Rename pyanaconda.modules.common.typing (vponcova) * Thu Feb 11 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 35.1-1 - Add dependabot support for GitHub actions (jkonecny) - Set volume id for iso built for kickstart test (rvykydal) - Guess the default product name from the os-release files (vponcova) - Apply overrides for the anaconda widgets only in the test environment (vponcova) - Create real updates images (vponcova) - Remove deprecated support for add-ons (vponcova) - Don't run installation tasks of add-ons in a meta task (vponcova) - network: wrap IP addresses showed in GUI for wireless devices (#1925781) (rvykydal) - Install support for non-ascii keyboard layouts (#1919483) (vponcova) * Mon Feb 08 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 34.24-1 - Modify spec file to add patches required on rhel-9 rebuild (#1907566) (jkonecny) - Unify GRUB configuration file location across all platforms (javierm) - Do not use redirector for rawhide repository for iso building on PR (rvykydal) - Move finding flatpak size to a task (vslavik) - Move flatpak installation code to a task (vslavik) - Move and rename FlatpakPayload (vslavik) - Abort with a message on invalid host name in kickstart (vslavik) - Use redirector for rawhide repository for iso building on PR (rvykydal) - Add tests for the inst. prefix requirement (#1912502) (jkonecny) - Do not support no inst. Anaconda boot args in systemd services (#1912502) (jkonecny) - Remove check to avoid process of help and version boot args (#1912502) (jkonecny) - Remove Anaconda boot arguments without inst. prefix from stage2 (#1912502) (jkonecny) - Add support for non-critical installation errors (vponcova) - Don't run a canceled task (vponcova) - Fix exclude arguments of tar payload extracting. (rvykydal) - Remove support for boot arguments without 'inst.' prefix from Dracut (#1912502) (jkonecny) - Cache flatpak size instead of persistent instance (vslavik) * Fri Feb 05 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 34.23-1 - Add a metapackage for image (boot.iso) dependencies (vslavik) - Take dnf substitutions from installer environment configuration (rvykydal) - Fix getting kernel version list for liveimg (rvykydal) * Wed Feb 03 2021 Martin Kolman <mkolman@redhat.com> - 34.22-1 - Don't initialize the software selection if the payload is not set up (#1916114) (vponcova) - Unify the ready methods of the software selection spokes (vponcova) - Deprecate the interactive-defaults.ks file (vponcova) - Deprecate the %anaconda section and the pwpolicy command (vponcova) - Apply the pwpolicy kickstart command (vponcova) - Upate repo url for kickstart tests run on PR (rvykydal) - Adjust RHV-H product config to match real implementation (sbonazzo) - Add DBus support for the password policies (vponcova) - Don't use the pwpolicy kickstart command (vponcova) - Create a DBus structure for the password policy (vponcova) - Add the password_policies configuration option (vponcova) - Move Users module tests to a directory (vslavik) - Move Security module tests to a directory (vslavik) - Move partitioning specification test to directory (vslavik) - Move Payloads module and source tests to a directory (vslavik) - Move Network module tests to a directory (vslavik) - Add the configuration options can_change_root and can_change_users (vponcova) - Remove some unused methods from the FSSet class (vponcova) - Mount the /tmp of the installed system as a tmpfs (#1306452) (vponcova) - Create the get_system_filesystems function (vponcova) - Create the collect_filesystems method (vponcova) - Do not use cache for container build (jkonecny) - Update list of projects to test after move from Zanata to Weblate (vtrefny) - Ignore fallback ITS rule warning from gettext (vtrefny) - Switch the license to LGPL (dshea)